5 Genuine Methods to Make Money Online

It’s no secret that ever since the bloom of the world wide web, many people have been able to successfully earn an income from the internet. I’m sure most of you have also at some time wondered if you could also earn money online. The truth is that it is possible to earn money online. You can even make money from home while sitting on your couch. But every coin has two sides, with this comes the sad truth that most methods that you will read about and try would turn out to be dead ends. How can I say that? Well, I’ve been there, done that! There are genuine ways to make money online but it’s hard to find the real ones.

5 genuine ways to make money online

What led me to the idea of making money online?

When I was 16, curiosity took the best of me and I signed up for many survey websites. I spent hours and hours participating in those. The result : Nothing. Next, I started a Blogspot blog on which I spent 2 complete months. The result : Nothing. I tried all the so called “Guaranteed ways to earn money online” and came out empty, all I did was waste my time. Finally, after months of hit-and-trials and trying out almost all the promising online money making methods, I shortlisted it to these 5 genuine ways to make money online.


For most people, this would be the perfect choice to make a living online. As long as you have a talent in a certain field, you can easily leverage that for money. Freelancing is one of the most genuine way to earn money online. All you need to do is register with a freelancing website and working for others. There’s just a small catch, you’ll have to pay a small 10-15% commission to the freelancing website as they are the middlemen in your and your client’s transactions.

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If you have a nag for words and can express yourself through your writing, you can consider blogging as a money making opportunity. Write something that you have vast knowledge about, build a loyal following. Once you have a decent number of pageviews per day, you could earn a lot of money using Google AdSense to display ads on your blog.

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Affiliate Marketing

There are thousands of products online that provide you a small affiliate commission if you refer customers to them. Just make sure to only refer products that you have used and genuinely recommend. Just as an example, on this website, I refer people to web hosting solutions for their websites. I only refer products that I’ve personally used and loved.

You can register with Commission Junction or Share a Sale in order to get started.

Online Tutoring

There are websites out there that mediate between students in need and those who are ready to help. Experts in general subjects such as mathematics, physics, Computer Sciences etc. make the most from online tutoring.

Websites like Chegg are really reliable and pay you according to the hour. There are various types of tutoring sessions like a live video chat, written lessons etc. If you have a decent camera, live sessions can help you make a decent living.

Domain Flipping

This one only works if you have some money to invest. Also, it’s a long time investment and may or my not make you any profit unless done properly. I personally don’t like to take the risk but if you’re pretty certain that you can think like people and can keep up with the market, domain flipping would be perfect for you.

The system is pretty simple, you buy a number of domains, usually ones that people would think of buying. Next, you put them up for sale at much higher prices.

You could easily sell the domain at 500x the buying price! Yes, you could make profits that big.


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