Freelancing Benefits: 6 things you DEFINITELY need to know

Do you have a friend or an acquaintance who is a freelancer? Have you ever wondered whether you should also follow his/her footsteps and try you luck in the industry?  I once was in a similar situation. I had no idea whether freelancing was meant for me or was it just “The grass is greener on the other side” kind of a thing. Since I’ve been through it once already, I’m here to tell you why you should pursue freelancing as a career prospect. There are a lot of freelancing benefits, apart from the well known ones.

I’m writing this post form the point of view of a Millennial. These 6 reasons will clearly explain why Freelancing is a choice for many Millennials who don’t want to end up in a monotonic life.

freelancing benefits

Freelancing benefits :

  • Your Own Boss

Everyone knows this. Once you become a freelancer, no one can force you to work long hours on a weekend. You are your own boss and have complete power over when and how long you would work for. You do not have to report to anyone apart from your clients. Since you are your own boss, you are in direct touch with your employers and you get to know them in a much better way building strong relationships while at it.

  • Control on your workload

You will never be swamped with work again. NEVER! Why? Because it is you who decides how much work you should take on your plate. As a freelancer, you would not have to complete all the “tasks” given to you by your superiors. Rather, you will have the freedom to choose how much time and effort to put on something.

  • Extra time

You’ll have a load of extra time that you would be saving out of your day. The time that you took to commute to your office during the morning rush. You’ll never have to be stuck in traffic every morning. You won’t waste time in regular meetings whose sole purpose is to provide updates. Meetings like this would usually take a nice 30 minutes of time from you on a daily basis.

  • Better Work Relationships

As mentioned in the first point, you get to interact with your clients, with your employers and it is solely up to you on how to interact with them. If done properly, you may build a nice rapport with them leading to regular projects to you (the trustworthy guy). Learn how to do it the right way

  • Work-life Balance

Have a 500 word article due tomorrow? No problem, you can still go to the gym and go on that date that you were looking forward to. Freelancing does not have to be like your regular 9-5 job. You can do the “thinking” part of the project by multitasking. Even after that, you’ll have loads of time to yourself to pursue other activities.

  • 100% profits, no middleman

You will be paid for your efforts 100%. There is no middleman who will keep a hefty portion out of it as a commission. You’ll get 100% of whatever your work was worth. This leads to contentment and an overall feeling of satisfaction.

*If you’ll be using freelance websites, you may have to give them a small commission. But you can go for those with low commissions too.

Once you’ve gotten into the lifestyle of it. You may soon see yourself on long vacations all the while earning money by spending a few hours on the beach with your laptop/phone. You may soon be like this enjoying all these freelancing benefits to the fullest :

fanatic entrepreneur rest


Good luck with that!!! 😉

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