AdSense Guide: Displaying Google AdSense Ads on WordPress

In this article, I’ll teach you how to display ads from Google AdSense on your WordPress website. The best part about this tutorial is that you will be able to display ads exactly as you want them to display. Up until May 3, 2017 Google AdSense had an official WordPress plugin which has now been put to sleep. So, users have to find new ways of Displaying Google AdSense Ads on their websites.

Before you can display ads on your website, you will need to register with Google AdSense first. I am expecting that you have registered with Google AdSense and you now have access to your AdSense publisher panel. If you have not yet joined the AdSense program or have been rejected, here’s something that might help:

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Step 1 : Create New Ad Units

Displaying Google Adsense Ads side menu

To complete the first step, you’ll have to log into your AdSense control panel. You’ll find a menu on the left as shown in above. Here, click on “My Ads>Content>Ad Units” . If you have not created any ad units previously, you’ll see a blank screen with just one button: “New Ad Unit”

Displaying Google Ads button

Clicking on that button will take you to the page shown below.

Displaying Google Adsense Ads

Here, you can set up your Ad preferences. Let’s have a look at all of these:

Ad Size :

Unless you are partial towards a certain ad type, I would suggest you to go with responsive as it automatically chooses for both mobile and desktop users and makes sure that the best available size is shown on your website

Ad Type

There are two types of Ads that Google displays, these are text ads and display ads. Display ads tend to be more user friendly and have a better click ratio.

Text Ad Style

Here, you can select the basic CSS of your Google Ad. Since these ads will be displayed on your website, you may want them to be friendly with your website design, hence you can select your preferred ad style from the ones provided or you can create your own custom style

Custom Channel

A custom channel lets you group a certain number of ads together. For an example, if you have 3 different “Leaderboard” type ads, you may wish to group them together so that advertisers can realize what type of ads to show for maximum efficiency.

Backup Ads

What happens if Google has no ads to show? Should there be a blank space left, or would you like to show some alternate ad from a third party? You can set that up here.

Once done with the setup, you can go forward with creating the ad and copying the code provided:

Displaying Google Adsense Ads final

Step 2: Placing Google Ads on website

Log into your WordPress website and install a plugin named “Advanced Ads” (link). This plugin is my favorite and you’ll soon realize why.

Firstly, here is the user interface of the Advanced Ads plugin, it’s pretty straight forward to create new Ads.

Displaying Google Ads Advanced Ads plugin

It shows you all the different Ad Types available and also shows you what type of ads these are. For an example, in the above screen cast, I have Plain Text and code, AdSense Ads and Rich Content.

Creating a new Ad

Click on the create new Ad option in the Advanced Ads plugin interface, you will be redirected to a page that will have multiple options to create new ads, the first would be the name of the Ad, you can choose any arbitrary ad name that you would like to.

Ad type Tab :

Displaying Google Ads Advanced Ads types

Since, this is a “Displaying Adsense Ads” turorial, go ahead and choose AdSense Ad, if not, you could choose any other type of Ad. If all you’re displaying is an Image, you could choose an Image Ad, but if you want to choose a responsive Video type Ad, you should go with Rich Content.

Position Tab :

Displaying Google Adsense Ads Advanced Ads position

In the position tab, you can choose whether you want your ad to be left,right or center aligned. Apart from that, you can even set all the margins for the Ads, you can create a container IDs and Classes, so that you can make manual CSS changes (If you want to)

P.S : The Container ID and Classes transfer all the power to you, if you create an ID, you have full control over any CSS choice that you may want.

Even after all these options and features to display AdSense Ads according to your needs, the best feature is yet to come.

Placements Tab :

This is the best feature provided by the Advanced Ads plugin and this is one thing that no other Ads plugin provide in their free version. You get the freedom of Displaying Google AdSense Ads anywhere on your website. When I say anywhere, I mean ANYWHERE!

Displaying Google Adsense Ads Advanced Ads placement 2


You can place your ads:

  • In the Header
  • In the Footer
  • Just After the Title
  • Just before the Comments section
  • Anywhere in between your content
  • As a Widget!
  • And yes, you can also create a short-code

I honestly cannot think of any other place to display AdSense ads on my website.

If you thought that this was all, that’s just the free version!

Advanced Ads Plugin : Pro Version

In the pro version of this plugin, you get a lot of more such features such as:

  • Tracking and Statistics
  • Responsive and Mobile ads
  • Geo Targeting
  • Sticky Ads
  • Ad Slider
  • Popups and Layers
  • Selling Ads

If you are interested in the Pro version, here’s how to get it at the cheapest possible:


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