The Truth: Hosting in India sucks! What you need to know…

Hello, My name is Mehul Kaushik and I have worked as a freelancer for some 8 months straight during which I’ve had lots of encounters with web hosting providers. While most of these encounters were pleasant, some of them were not. I made a few mistakes when I got into the online-internet business and I’m writing this post so that you don’t commit the same mistakes. When starting your first website, you may decide that purchasing hosting in India is much more comfortable than doing so from any other country. Today, I’m going to advise you against that, here it goes.

I’d like to begin with a disclaimer : All views shared in this post are based on my personal experience. There are no affiliate links in this post, ie, I will not earn any commission for suggesting you any certain web host.

The online business idea is pretty new to India, in fact people were quite paranoid regarding online transactions until about a decade ago. Fortunately this paranoia has since faded away, yet the online culture is just taking its first steps. Among this fog of ignorance are the web hosting providers that are making a quick buck. No, this is not a false accusation and neither is this a click bait. I have thoroughly researched and have reached this decision only after trying out these different web hosting providers.

web hosting in india

What’s his credibility?

Why should you trust me? Easy, because I’ve been where you guys are today. There was a time when I knew nothing about Staging, TTFB, DNS response time and all the other jargon. All I knew was that “XYZ” has a big name in the industry and I’ve seen its ad on the television. That’s it! That was my criteria…

During the past 8 months, I have worked with 4 different Web Hosting in India :

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Bluehost
  3. BigRock
  4. Hostgator

They’ve all been a pain in my @$$. Slow load times was not the only problem. Add to that, the worst customer care representatives and you have a deadly mix for any web hosting.

Why does Hosting in India Suck?

This list would be never ending, so I’ll just keep it short with only the worst parts of hosting in India.

  • Speed Outside India sucks

So, I previously had hosted a website with GoDaddy for some 40 days. I had set up my website perfectly within the first day and I was constantly getting lots of traffic from Facebook. Soon, some random guy PMed me telling me that the link took a very long time to open.

I was relatively new to blogging back then so I went to Pingdom and found out that if someone opened my website from USA, it took 12.8 seconds to open. To those of you unaware of it. That sucks!

Alternative : At the same time, buying a web hosting in India also means that your website will load much faster in the Indian subcontinent. But here’s an example for you to understand that this isn’t great either.

Hosting In India:

Speed in India (approx) : 1.2 sec

Speed outside India (approx) : 8+ sec

Hosting Outside India:

Speed in India (approx) : 1.8 sec

Speed outside India (approx) : 1.5 sec

I think the above example will help you understand that the speed gain that you get while hosting a website in India is not worth the speed loss outside India.

  • The Support Staff sucks

I’ll not waste a lot of time here. Basically the support staff isn’t properly trained. The advantage that you get while hosting in India is that you can call the support staff on a toll-free number. When you host outside India, all you can do is chat with them.

Even after considering this fact, I would still prefer hosting my website elsewhere. Here’s a screenshot of my chat with a support crew at SiteGround. This was something that took GoDaddy India 35 minutes to figure out whereas SiteGround did this in just 9 minutes on chat.

  • No Value for Money

Let me show you with the help of an example, the differences between and This is not just directed towards Hostgator. Most Web hosts do the same thing. plan

Hostgator India plan

Hostgator US

Let’s look at their baby plan.

  • In USA : $5.95 = ~Rs. 380 per month
  • In India : Rs 455 per month

Let’s look at their business plan.

  • In USA : $5.95 = ~Rs. 380 per month
  • In India : Rs655 per month

The price for the business plan is 1.7 times higher in India. Why? On top of that, the Indian customers don’t get other benefits like Bing Ad Credits and Adword Credits worth $100 each.


  • No Uptime Guarantee

All the websites in India show that they’ll provide a 99.9% uptime but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The website that I had hosted on GoDaddy for some 40 days had frequent down-times of about 20 minutes a day. Again, this isn’t targeted at just GoDaddy. It’s everyone.

Do you know how much I paid for hosting my website with GoDaddy for those 40 days? Nothing, nada. Why? Because GoDaddy has a 60-day money back guarantee. The representative on the call tried to convince me not to leave but one single question got me through the whole conversation. What has your uptime been. (The answer was 98.8%) [Which BTW, sucks]. Since they weren’t able to provide that 99.9% uptime, the money back guarantee was valid, no questions asked.


So, what’s the Solution?

Before getting to the solution, I’ll just clear one last misconception.

Hosting in India is good for SEO

Let me be honest, you will definitely get an advantage SEOwise on your domain name while hosting in India. But do you know what other factors affect your SEO? Your uptimes and your Page load speeds. So, when someone tells you that hosting in India will hep SEOwise, you will know otherwise.

The Solution

Go with the international version of these hosting as you’ll get substantially more out of them for the same (or even less) price than you would have paid to any hosting in India. If you really liked ; you’ll definitely like equally well (if not more).

The best solution would be to go with web hosts that allow you to buy hosting in any part of the world. Just for an example, currently Fanatic Entrepreneur is hosted on SiteGround which has an option for you to select between its four server locations. You have the power to choose where you would like to host your website.

  1. Chicago, USA
  2. London, UK
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Singapore

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