Ipage : The cheapest hosting in the market

I recently wrote a complete review on Ipage, the web hosting company. While that post was meant for anyone and everyone who was interested in buying a web hosting, this post is meant for those with a small budget. This is a review of the cheapest hosting in the market.

NOTE : There are many hosting providers that are cheaper than Ipage, but I’m considering this as it is one of the few respectable web hosting companies that has better than average reviews.

Before endorsing and company, you should know whether or not I’m even worthy of doing that. When I read a review of a product, how can I trust someone else’s judgment? To answer that let me give a list of companies I’ve worked with.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Ipage
  4. Turnkey Internet
  5. Siteground (just Managed WordPress)
  6. Euhost
  7. Vidahost (UK)
  8. Godaddy
  9. Kinsta
  10. WPEngine
  11. Pagely

Now that I’ve reached into double digits, I’m going to stop. These are the ones that I’ve used in the past few months and those that I remember. When anyone asks me what web hosting to go with, I tell them that there is no correct answer. Yes!, that’s the truth. It is quite possible that Ipage may not be the perfect hosting for you, but maybe… maybe… It might. And I’m here to make sure that you can decide if this hosting is for you. So, as the title already says : ” Ipage : The cheapest hosting in the market” so that clears out one thing. That is the price factor, If you’re on a small budget like me (I’m poor 😛 ), this may be a good option for you.


Are you technologically Savvy?

Now, this is what some people miss out on. Maybe you are starting your own online business and you have hired a freelancer like myself to make a website/ online store for you. That guy is an expert and he can set up the website for you, but the real problem arrives when he leaves. Here-here.. I know that the “expert” is gone now. What happens if you want to set up some more email addresses or you want to set up a url redirect?

That’s where the support staff comes in. If you go with someone like Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator or wordpress specific WPEngine or Kinsta, I can assure you that your problem will be solved within a few minutes.

On Ipage, there might be a slightly slower response rate of 15 minutes or so (Which is not bad at all) and they’ll get your problem fixed too. Now, as I said earlier no hosting is perfect for everyone. It completely depends on you. In this case, would you be willing to pend a few extra minutes to get your problem fixed if you are saving $3-4 per month.

Personally speaking, I definitely would be happy with a 10 minutes worth of wait but if you can’t, then this isn’t the hosting for you.

Do you want a SSL certificate?

If you’re looking to open an online store with in-store payments, Ipage has very easy paypal integration. What Ipage does not have is a free SSL certificate (You can very easily buy a ssl certificate from Comodo). Buying a SSL certificate costs you money.


Here’s where my research comes in. If you’re 100% sure that you need a SSL certificate, then Ipage is no longer the cheapest hosting for you. Because, Ipage would now cost you [$36 per year + $26 for the SSL certificate per year] = $62 per year. This means that you would now be paying $5.2 per month whereas you can definitely find cheaper hosting with SSL at much cheaper rates. I would suggest InMotion hosting that has a $3.29 per month plan which is comparable to this one except they give a free shared SSL certificate. You could also go with Turnkey Internet who have a $2.49/month plan which is equally good with a SSL. (InMotion hosing is much faster than Turnkey Internet) I believe that your money would be better spent at InMotion. I’ll suggest that you have a look at both of these and that might help you decide better.

Finally, Is the cheapest hosting really worth it.

I would highly suggest that you have a look at the complete review of Ipage where I’ve discussed everything starting from uptimes to load speeds. I think if you’re still not sure about where to take your business, this article will definitely help. Ipage Complete Review

Anyways, to answer the above question. We all know that Quality is proportional to Price and that is exactly the case here but for the massive amount of price drop, the customer serveice does not get so bad, in fact I had a pleasurable experience with them multiple times.


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