Setting Up WordPress on SiteGround from Scratch

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This post will be a step-by-step guide on how to setup WordPress on SiteGround from scratch. So, first questions first.

Why WordPress?

Well, looking at the fact that more than 50% websites on the internet are based on the WordPress CMS, it shouldn’t be a surprise that WordPress is the first choice for everyone who wants a new website. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start a blog, an online store, a company’s landing page or even a social media website. WordPress has got you covered on all these levels.

WordPress has a very easy to use admin panel. It has tons of free themes and plugins to add functionality to it. There is a very huge open source community working on the betterment of WordPress. All these plugins just make sure that you get additional functionalities using just a one-click install

Why SiteGround?

This website itself is hosted on SiteGround and I personally recommend SiteGround to everyone. SiteGround is one of the top dogs in the hosting industry. Their shared hosting plans themselves have a huge number of features and are quite competitive pricing wise. Even recommends SiteGround as a top WordPress provider.

WordPress on SiteGround is like icing on a cake. The SiteGround servers have been specifically configured to run WordPress. To top that off, SiteGround brings to you some incredible features such as The SG Optimizer (an on-server caching plugin), A free SSL certificate (HTTPS website) and the option to “Stage” your website before pushing a live version. To know more about siteground, feel free to read the SiteGround review.

Setting up WordPress on SiteGround

So, from here onwards I suppose that you have already bought one of the shared hosting plans from SiteGround. If that’s the case, then congratulations, you’ve already taken your first step.

Login at SiteGround

Once you’re logged into your SiteGround account, you’ll notice a page as follows:

SiteGround Login Home

Here, you’ll have to switch your tab to the My Account tab. There, you’ll find the Go to cPanel button. Clicking on that will take you to the cPanel.

Now, let’s have a look at SiteGround’s cPanel. This is where you’ll make all the changes to your website. On this cPanel will be a tab that says autoinstallers. That is where you’ll go for your one click WordPress install.

P.S : Just as a side note, you also have the option to install other CMS applications like Magento, Joomla, ppBB3 and 200+ other applications using the softaculous one-click installer. For now, we’ll just stick with WordPress. So next, click on WordPress.

Wordpress on SiteGround Autoinstallers

This will now open up the One-click installer. As soon as you’re done with this installer you would have successfully installed WordPress on SiteGround.

Softaculous WordPress installer


So, the first part of the installer is the “Site Settings
Siteground Softaculous installer 1

Site Settings

  • Name : Name of your website
  • Description : Tagline of your website
  • Enable Multisite : Do you want to host multiple wordpress websites under the same SuperUser?

Multisite : Basically, “” and “” would be two different WordPress websites.


The second part of the installer is “Admin Account
Siteground Softaculous installer 2

Admin Account

  • Username : The username that you will use to login to your admin console of WordPress.
  • Password : The password corresponding to that username.


The third part is a simple language selection tool.
Siteground Softaculous installer 3

Choose Language

Here, choose the primary language that your website will use.


The fourth and fifth part are the “Select Plugin” and “Select Theme” options.
Siteground Softaculous installer 4

Select Plugins and Themes

Switching on the limit login Attempts(Loginizer) Plugin will protect you from brute-force attacks. Choosing a theme is optional and completely up to you.


The final (and optional) part is “Advanced Option
Siteground Softaculous installer 5

Advanced Options

Here, you have the option to change your database name and the table prefix name within that database. There is nothing much to do here, unless you have a lucky database name that you would want to use 😛

Finally, the most important thing : “The Install Button”. All you have to do is click the install button. Was it so difficult? Nopes, not at all.


Fact : My 8 year old cousin could probably find his way around this installer. 

Successful install of WordPress on SiteGround!

There you go, that was it. You’ve now successfully installed your copy of WordPress on SiteGround. There are still so many things to do like:

  • Configuring WordPress
  • Installing themes
  • Installing the 6 plugins that all WordPress sites should have
  • Setting up the SG Optimizer Plugin
  • Installing the SSL certificate on your SiteGround account
  • and many many more things.

If you’re still not convinced that SiteGround is meant for you, do read this SiteGround review once. Remember, Fanatic Entrepreneur recommends SiteGround.


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P.P.S : I love Cookies (and cake) [and all other sweet things 😛 ]

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