Top 5 WordPress Plugins That All Websites Need

Something about me : I am a freelancer and in the past year, I have been lucky enough to have found some steady jobs maintaining servers for clients, setting up WordPress websites (More than 30). It took me some time, but I’ve now devised a simple algorithm while configuring a WordPress website. There are these top 5 WordPress plugins that I always use on all the websites I have setup, irrespective of their genre and type.

Without wasting any further time, let’s have a look at these top 5 WordPress plugins that every website MUST HAVE :

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

#1 : All In One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO pack is the first plugin that you should install. This plugin has all the necessary settings to make your website SEO friendly. With this single plugin, you can

  • Look at how your posts will look when published on Social networks
  • Connect your website to your Google, Bing console for better SEO
  • Create better sitemaps for your website
  • Write Meta Descriptions for your posts/products rather than going with the default “first paragraph”

The Best thing is that you get to target certain keywords that you would want to. For example, this post targets the keyword “Top 5 WordPress Plugins” because that is what this article is about. The plugin provides suggestions about the keyword density, keyword selection etc to make the most out of your article.

At first, you may decide to stick with the free version (That’s what I did) but this plugin is so good that I later decided to purchase the premium plugin which isn’t that costly. The fact that it increased my organic reach three folds was another point in its favor!

I had a budget constraint and that’s why I went with the free one. Still, if you’re interested in the plugin (and have a bigger budget than I had), here’s a link to the All in One SEO Pack.

#2 : Jetpack

Jetpack is another plugin that all WordPress websites should definitely have. Period. This is one very powerful plugin that is very well integrated with WordPress and why wouldn’t it be? It has been developed my Automattic Inc. who have developed WordPress itself. This plugin has its roots integrated into almost everything, it controls the following:

  • Writing : Media speed enhancements, Custom Short-codes and Mobile theme optimization
  • Sharing : Sharing buttons, like buttons and publicizing connections
  • Discussion : Comments system via WordPress, Facebook and Twitter; Subscription option
  • Traffic : Related post plugin, Sitemap and Webmaster tools configuration
  • Security : Spam filtering and Brute force protection

#3 : Akismet

Akismet is the #1 anti-spam plugin present on the complete WordPress plugin directory. This is one plugin that is present in everyone’s top 5 WordPress Plugins, not just mine. This plugin, just like Jetpack has been developed by the developers of WordPress itself. This plugin after years of use has a database with all the links and comment texts that spammers use. So, if it detects any such comment, it automatically puts it in spam. This means that automated comments made by bots never make it to your website. Isn’t that just splendid! I know that this won’t be a big deal for most starting websites but as you start to get traffic, you also get spam bots and this is one plugin that will definitely help you then.

#4 : WP Super Cache

Until now we’ve had plugins to protect us from spam, an all in one plugin for every purpose and an SEO plugin for all your Search Engine Optimization needs. Now, we’ll look at a plugin that’ll speed up your website by reducing your website’s load speed to half! Yes, you heard me right. This is the one and only plugin you’ll ever need to speed up your website. It has a very simple interface and all you have to do is turn the caching on. That’s it! Ain’t it simple?

WP Super Cache plugin caches your website and stores it such that whenever someone requests a new page, instead of your server delivering all the contents separately, it delivers it all together. This increases the website speed and decreases the server load significantly.

#5 : Limit Login Attempts

We’ve gone through all the necessary plugins to make your website fast and popular. Once your website becomes popular, it will also become a target for the unscrupulous part of the internet. Many people will start to attack your website in the hopes of gaining access and then seizing it for ransom. According to a survey in 2016, more than 60% of hacks happen by a simple brute force algorithm. Basically, a bot keeps on trying the most common usernames and passwords. Just as an example, the username “admin” is very common and believe me when I say that the most common password is “password”.

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Limit Login Attempts blocks the user for a specific time from logging in if he inputs the password wrong 3 times. This protects your WordPress website from all brute force attacks.

I hope that this article helped you to decide which plugins you’ll be using in your own website. If you found anything worth sharing, don’t be shy, Share Away! 😉


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